Delhi State Government is not supporting Senior citizens as per promises



Delhi :This ruling party in their manifesto has drawn appreciation when promised so much welfare for over so many senior citizens who are members of senior citizens' forums and came to power but now they have almost abandoned them. Despite their step fatherly behavior, these senior citizens' forums have survived from the borrowed money from their members who have no source of income other than their monthly pensions who have been promised refund after the grant from government is restored so that activities of forum are continued. however, without a ray of hope for grant from government, situation has now become out of control.

DSW were releasing the funds from 2011 to the end of March 2022. Thereafter now they have stopped funding since 01.04.22 and in some cases for earlier years. Confederation Chairman Mr. Gupta met DSW Director also but they are avoiding giving any tangible reason except to say that the matter is under consideration and file under submission which is very evasive. Just FYI. The journalist can talk to the confederation Chairman who too has tried but didn't succeed. Informally they have informed that whatever funds were allocated have been exh as ust