Failure of Server in Government Service Sector, Suffering of common man.


Hindustanvarta ..Delhi

Massive privatization of service sector has changed the face of the sector, in major credit goes to computerization which has replaced the manual mode of performance now through the machine. Service is the act of performance by people, with the advent of technology man’s performance is substituting by machine’s performance. The changed scenario yielded positive along with negative impacts undoubtedly, the performance of service sector has shown tremendous improvement in terms of time, cost, efficiency and speed, with the application of machines. But the picture is not as rosy when unless encountered in every day experience in essential services. Such as banking, post offices ration shops etc. Failure of server has become terrifying factor by them, who wait in long que with careless and common statement, “Server kam nahi kar raha, and net nahi aa raha”. Users avail the services by paying good amount of cost, which is otherwise not known to uneducated and sometime less aware masses. Rising cases of server failure in banking sector has become “Passing the buck” kind of approach by the service providers. Everything comes to halt, being net is unavailable, common users and beneficiaries have no option except to accept the problem at the cost of their time, mental pains and above all non-performance important assignments, unmet needs, turning down the hopes with which their foot falls in the government offices and centers. Failure of internet services making the service providing manpower, bit indifferent towards consumers as the reason of non-performance is easily attributed to technical failure, which in turn also diminishing initiative taking prosperity or coming forward attribute to raise helping hand to the pitiable common man, left with no choice only to go on with paralyzed service system.

✍️Dr. Sanjana Mittal 

  (Director-SRBA, India)